Bill gates leadership and management style

When something is worth doing, then it is worth his time, energy and money. This is the most important step for any leader, having the ability to recognize what needs to be done and how to execute this in order to become more productive and successful.

Jobs personality is pure but only thing that he could not adjust his self towards the imperfections of the world.

The Leadership Style and Qualities of Bill Gates&nbspEssay

A Man of Ideas. Academy of Management Review, 11, Human Resource Development International, 2, However, experiencing moments when you can feel them coming together are few and far between. From a Thank You note to innovating an existing product, Bill Gates handles all of them with excellence and passion.

This is what Bill Gates teaches the world. In response to this obstacle, Gates employed an existing idea — the graphic-user-interface GUI pioneered by Apple — and used both charismatic and transformational leadership approaches to revolutionize the industry Goett, Very few things especially challenges that come along can be solved by one person.

Comparison in Leadership Styles for Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates

Implications for Policy Makers and Practitioners. Oxford University Press Dems, K. He had a habit of avoiding problem situations and left the place before resolving it. Collaboration is not a luxury, but a necessity. He was consistent in his pursue of software and programming.

Unless one thinks big it is difficult to reach near to it. Even at that time he managed himself, using his leadership capabilities he formed another company named NeXT Inc, Which again have been eventually bought by Apple Computers Inc in Where Jobs on the other hand, he is just opposite to Gates.

The technology and innovation in the organization is completely decided by Bill Gates where the managers do not possess any role which shows a slight autocratic style.

Bill Gates always dreamt big and that followed his goal with determination. While each entrepreneurial venture is recognized as being different, there are similarities in the advances and obstacles confronted during its development. Where on the other hand Jobs most of the decisions were centralized and he never gives a chance for his subordinates to take part in decision making process.

This way the employees have next to zero input of business tactics and the leader is in full control. Jobs understood the importance of taking risks and could be considered one of the biggest risk taking leaders in the world. It also allows a happier thus, better, workforce which will in effect improve profits.

Leading workers to lead themselves: However, Gates, through Microsoft, successfully delineated the efficacy of computers to the public. His too much of result driven leadership also was looked at as a weakness. A transformational leader must also have vision.

Participative Leadership Guide: Definition, Qualities, Pros & Cons, Examples

It also helps that he has a different way of looking at the world, according to Warren Buffett. The management style of both Bill gates and Steve Jobs is unique because they are very good in implementing high-quality ideas, and starts to work on those ideas and converting those ideas into a successful product.

Bill Gates followed the authoritarian style and steered Microsoft towards unbelievable success. According to him, he had a vision when he took the reins of the company, and then used all the resources available to make that vision a reality. Steve Jobs was an unconventional leader. His management style wasn't the stuff of university textbooks - he wasn't known for his consultative or consensus building approach.

He was a "high-maintenance co-worker" who demanded excellence from his staff and was known for his blunt delivery of criticism. Mar 13,  · Most effective Leadership and Management Style and approach Questioning which leadership and management style is the most effective one is like people asking what exactly will they be in the future.

They will never find the answer until they undergone the real situation. Jul 04,  · re: bill gates - leadership style - july 4th, If you really want to understand the perception and leadership formula, study their quotes, it reflects their Style. 1) It's fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.

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Leadership style is a leader's style of providing direction, implementing plans, and motivating people. There are many different leadership styles such as leaders in the political, business or other fields.

Bill gates leadership and management style
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